Delivering the Best Digital and Social Media Marketing Solutions

Every brand needs an online marketing strategy. But a strategy only works if it is implemented effectively, which often puts a strain on resources. Entertainment Communication’s mission is to alleviate the common barriers you face – time, knowledge, money – and to power the right conversations that will drive your business forward.

With over 20 digital content and social media experts on hand, we manage the successful day-to-day execution of online content marketing programs for over 100 clients across more than 50 industries.

Our 4 solutions each work toward a specific goal, building upon each other to place you at the center of the conversation.

               DIGITAL SOLUTION                 

             BROADCAST MEDIA                                            



Content Marketing

Carving out a niche as a thought leader is a labor-intensive, content-driven proposition, focused on helping people solve actual problems. Our industry experts produce the insightful, educational and interesting content your specific audience is looking for, making you the authoritative, go-to voice in your industry.

Further, recent changes in consumer and search engine behavior make the creation of a steady, actionable, content stream critical for growth.

Magnify exposure and establish authority with:

  • Blog posts

  • Articles and social PR

  • Content distribution

  • Email marketing

Social Engagement

46% of adults rely on social media to help them make purchasing decisions.
Online channels are where the important conversations are happening, making effective engagement a key to your success. An active social presence enables interaction and relationship building with your customers and will drive loyalty, advocacy and sales.

Drive positive engagement with:

  • Social media

  • Social customer service

  • Online Promotions

  • Influencer outreach

  • Impact reporting (understand what works and what doesn’t)

Search Engine Optimization

Effective marketing is delivering the right message, in the right place, at the right time. The right place is rarely page 17 of your customer’s search results.
We employ current, content-driven methods to ensure your organization is always part of the conversation. Those who are not focusing on content to drive SEO can often do more harm than good, we have seen it!

Improve website traffic and customer experience with:

  • Keyword strategy

  • Content curation and distribution

  • Performance audit with backend website fixes and SEO recommendations

  • Relevant inbound link building

Digital Advertising

All dressed up and no one’s noticed? Sometimes you just have to let people know you’ve arrived. Our digital advertising services cover both paid search and social to promote widespread awareness and action. All advertising spend is pass-through with no commission charges – we work for you, not the ad platform.

Boost ROI and incite action with:

  • Pay-per-click ads: text and display

  • Retargeting campaigns

  • Social platform ads: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

  • Pre-roll video ad placements


Facebook fan growth in year 1 (800 - 34,000 fans)


Circle of influence of the 34k fans


# of FB fans by the end of year 2


Growth of D&R pledges since Aug. 2011 (10k - 226k)