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Entertainment Communications INC is a full service media planning and buying agency.  
Our exclusive US Digital Networks with our Global OOH Online Media Search Platform, allows us to find thousands of media choices in desired markets against your search criteria. Google Mapping and Street view Technology manages the whole campaign process with the click of a button- giving your shop that competitive edge to win future business.
Together with our EntComMedia worldwide partners along with years of experience and expertise, we are pleased to present you with robust media opportunities that are uniform and technologically advanced at the most attractive rates anywhere.
Consider Entertainment Communications INC as your one stop resource for all your media worldwide. Competitive pricing, preferred locations and legendary service worldwide.
What more can you ask for?
At Entertainment Communications INC, we’re bringing the OOH world to your fingertips.

About Us

Entertainment Communications offers an array of solutions suited to fit your media needs. Anywhere from video production to web design, let us help you in your multimedia endeavors. Entertainment Communications is an out of home specialist company that employs the world's most extensive data base of OOH inventory as well as Digital Media market by market internationally.
Our mission is to place customer's needs first and to establish vibrant brand awareness, insuring market visibility, business expansion and increased revenues. Please take a look at our vision, and see that we create a leading industry that takes pride serving diverse businesses seeking sustainable growth and enhancing enterprise value. We value integrity, innovation, professionalism and costumer relations. We place customer satisfaction first. We value teamwork. We believe striving as a team creates strong national and global leadership.
We can literally take our clients on a market by market tour of available inventory from your desktop computer where ever.
The Digital Advertising and TV Networks represented by EntComMedia can put your content or static ad in high traffic areas within your target Worldwide.
EntComMedia is the new cost effective way to reach your target audience. Your ad will be seen in high traffic locations. You can change or update your ad with minimal lead-time, keeping your message current and relevant.
As our business is fully focused on delivering the best possible dedicated server solutions, we offer a variety of services directly related to it.
Contact us for any information to join our network and pricing.


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